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Episode #4 of The DrakeCast traces the beginning of an infamous car’s adventure from Wisconsin to Texas. We’re going to Ride with Clyde. Along the way we’ll meet a state trooper, a few unique motel owners, and hear some behind the scenes audio recorded on Clyde’s bench seat when no one was looking. We’ll also learn about The Drake Magazine’s Big Year Contest.

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In Episode #3 of The DrakeCast, you met Donnie Richards and Preston Marson as they rowed me down the Pere Marquette River. You may remember that I was late for the boat-launch because I was dealing with some car troubles

Well, if you managed to get your hands on a copy of the Spring 2017 issue of the Drake Magazine, you might have read the story behind those car troubles. If you didn’t read that story, here’s a little backstory. I was tasked with driving Clyde, the official pimp-mobile of the Drake Magazine, from Northern Wisconsin down to Dallas Texas. You’ve probably seen pictures of this car.

So, in January of this year, I went and picked up Clyde from an auto-body shop in Tony, Wisconsin. A raucous roadtrip ensued.


We met up with the guys at Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters where they gave us the rundown on urban fishing and mushroom picking (not that kind of mushroom) in Chicago. Clyde felt right at home surrounded by the weathered brick of the windy city. From there, we cruised north to the left side of Michigan’s mitten where a series of mishaps introduced us to some savory characters. Make sure to give the episode a listen.

During the second half of the podcast, we talk with the flyfisherman who won The Drake Magazine’s inaugural Big Year Contest. He shares his passion for flyfishing and even provides a few tips on how to catch more unique species of fish. To learn more about The Big Year Contest, click here. You can also use this link to upload your latest entries to the contest.

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