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Though native to the coastal rivers of the Atlantic seaboard, you can now find Striped Bass in just about every state below the Mason-Dixon line. We chose to chase these creatures on Lake Hartwell which forms the border between Georgia and South Carolina. While we’re on the water we learned about the history of the area discussed whether or not this fishery is healthy. And we don’t mean that in an ecological sense; we mean in relation to our health as humans.

This episode of the DrakeCast is made possible by the fine folks behind Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. If you’d like to fish the world, make sure to check in with them first. We also couldn’t do this without Scott Fly Rods (seeing as we caught these stripers on Scott Radians, we literally couldn’t have done it without them). The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Maine Wilderness Lodges also lent us a hand. If you’re looking to catch wild, native (PCB-free) brook trout, make sure to check them out.

Following our adventures in Mosquito Lagoon with Larry and the Tailer Trash crew, we headed north to South Carolina. After a quick stop at the Flood Tide world HQ, we made our way inland to Lake Hartwell.

Paul Puckett White Fang

It was there that we met Captain Preston. Though his bread and butter involves helping bait chuckers fill coolers with striped and hybrid bass, he also enjoy the occassional flyfishing expedition. Make sure to check out the episode to get the whole story.

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