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A few months ago a family friend gave me a taxidermied brown trout that had been mounted in the 80s. When I went to the friend’s house to get the story behind the fish I somehow left with the rod and reel that had caught it, plus a whole lot more. This episode is the story of that fish, the rod, and the anglers that came before us.

Music for this episode was written and recorded by Russell Pedersen and appears on his album, Steal from the Rushes. You can see him live with his band Horseshoes and Hand Grenades at a few concerts this summer in Wisconsin. They always put on a heck of a show. https://russellpedersen.bandcamp.com/album/steal-from-the-rushes

This episode was made possible by generous support from The Eleven Experience, Scott Fly Rods, and Howler Bros. If you like the show, give em some of your money and tell ’em we sent ya.

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