Drake Magazine Fall 2007 Back Issue

Drake Magazine Back Issue Content: 2007

  • Big Bass
  • Angry Albies
  • Horny Steelhead
  • Ski-town trout
  • Fiddler Crabs
  • Socal Sharks
  • Wingshooting
  • Montana Backcountry
  • and one unsolved mystery

Meet the Deke

Meet the Deke

FLOWING WATER, BY DESIGN, HAS A SANCTIMONIOUS way of pre-qualifying its clientele. Gentle riffles and wide gravel bars lure the false-casting masses, and boiling black holes rimmed with mossy ledge rock frighten them away. That said, I suppose there’s really no great mystery why the easy flows produce the fussy little degree-candidate fish, while the…

Stanley Bain

The Disappearance of Stanley Bain

“There was no evidence to show they’d been around. There were no boats, no wreckage. There was nothing.” – Henry Bain. Andros Island, Bahamas Image:Chip Bates On the morning of August 5, 1995, Stanley Bain stood in front of his Cargill Creek Lodge and surveyed the small flyfishing empire that he’d built. The resort sat…