Drake Magazine Back Issue 2011

Drake Magazine Back Issue Content: 2011

Winter – Belize bonefish, South Carolina redfish, ski pass for fisherman, Texas smallmouth, Felt Soul update, permit rods, winter steelheading, Occupy Duval Street, striper status, New Jersey trout, Panama, scuds, and camping with Justin Bieber.

Fall – Thomas McGuane catches the last steelhead, Rock Creek MT, Michigan carp, Maine brookies, Wyoming cutties, Wisconsin pike, New York Albies, peacocks in the canals, anchovies in the bay, stripers in the surf, Trey Combs, Baja roosters, midge over mayfly, Bighorn over everything, Charles Bukowski goes steelheading, and David DiBenedetto goes crazy.

Summer – Callibaetis, Brazilian peacocks, public lands, permit flies, steelheading Oregon, flyfishing Denver, two more emergers, three more apostles, farewell to Trask, hello to hoppers, Michigan blue wings, Florida redfish, Dustin & Steve Huff, and men who stare at trout.

Spring – Michigan regs battle, believing in barracuda, flyfishing apps, Glacier National Park, North Platte, Georgia coast, Grand Canyon, Alaskan steelhead, yellow drakes, John Turcot, and one great letter from a Marine

Scott Hed

Apostles : Scott Hed

Severed by North Dakota, the Saskatchewan plains, Alberta tar-sands, and British Columbia’s snow-covered Coast Mountains, Gaylord, Minnesota, is far removed from a proposed large-scale Alaskan mining operation and the toll it would take on anadromous fish runs. But it’s in Gaylord that Sportsman’s Alliance of Alaska Director Scott Hed had lived a quintessential Midwestern life—playing…

Drake Magazine Easement Taylor Park Reservoir

Photo: Corey Kruitbosch

Living on Easement Street

Are you paying to fish public water There aren’t many rivers in the Rockies more appealing in late September than Colorado’s lower Taylor, which sits halfway between Crested Butte and Gunnison and is known nationally for its monster, mysis-shrimp-filled rainbows that inhabit the short tailwater section below Taylor Park Reservoir. The river received national attention…

Drake Magazine Roadless Areas

Drake Magazine Roadless Areas

Keeping Roadless and WSA Areas Wild—and Accessible

There was a Western Governor’s Association annual meeting held on June 29, 2011, in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. And among the various sessions was one called “Restoring and Managing the Health of Forests in the West.” A worthwhile topic, right? I mean, who’s not for healthy forests? So I checked in via YouTube to see…