Drake Magazine Photo Contest

Drake Magazine Photo Contest

Photo Contest: Tested On Animals

Theme: Tested on Animals Closing Date: June 30th, 2011 Post Submission: Message Board Sponsored by: Nautilus Reels 1st Place Prize: FWx Reel (your choice of size) Honorable Mentions: Fish with Cojones T-Shirt Rules: There are no rules, fool. But the good folks at Nautilus have provided select guidelines for those in pursuit of the prize.…


Saving Oregon’s Sandy River

When most of us hear the words “steelhead river,” we think “remote.” We imagine bright wild fish and hairy mofos wading waist-deep, bombing Intruders to the far shore. And maybe that’s why so many people cherish Oregon’s Sandy River: it offers the best of steelheading—only thirty minutes from one of the hippist cities in America,…


A Fishing Dog: The Life and Times of Trask

Steelheading in Smithers was a little different fourteen years ago than it is today. For starters, there were very few spey rods. Also, a hotel in town was about $80—a week. But then, as now, as always, which river you fished was sometimes decided by the weather. We’d hauled a skiff all the way from…