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Spring: Pandemic flies, Southern Colorado road trip, Brood X cicadas, Idaho salmon, Michigan trout, Pennsylvania carp, Wisconsin pike, Belize permit, Alaska grayling, South Carolina redfish, Russian taimen, Oregon backcountry, Baja beach trip, fly-names drama, Slough Creek, skiff challenge, expensive blue-wings, guided bass trips, and who’s been a bad dog in the White House?





Fly Fishing Russia: The Far East.

Misha Skopets’ Biggest Fish

Misha Skopets’ Biggest FishFly Fishing Russia: The Far East, a review BY Ryan Peterson Photos: Guido Rahr (above), John Sherman (below) One day in the summer of 1979, Dr. Mikhail “Misha” Skopets, a young Russian ichthyologist based in Magadan in the Soviet Far East, found a mysterious fish skeleton in the stomach of a Boganid…

Bass Fy Fishing

Let’s Go Bass’n

Let’s Go Bass’nIt’s time to test the warmwaters By Beau Davis and Tom Bie Photo by Jeremiah Watt Want to avoid bumping elbows with ten million new trout-chasers this summer? Then consider a guided day on some warmwater. You’ll surely face a less-pressured fishery, and if the trip includes kicking around in a float-tube, you…