Drake Magazine Back Issues 2010

Drake Magazine Back Issue Content: 2010

Fall – Montana Backcountry, Stripers in the Surf, Snook at Night, Redfish at Dawn, Oregon Steel, Alaskan Coho, Henry’s Fork, San Juan, Skwalas, Bluewings, Bonefish, and a Very Scary Fly Tyer

Sping – Skeena Steelhead,How to Spot a Striper Fisherman, Snook vs. Snookie, October Caddis, N.C. Albies, Fishing NYC, Derek DeYoung, Mag Bay, and Saving Silver Creek

John Jackson

Emergers—John Jackson

John Jackson began snowboarding as a preteen on the powder-strewn spines of the Eastern Sierras, near his hometown in Crowley Lake, California. Soon after, he cast his first flies in that same backyard—in places with legendary names like Inyo, Sierra, Yosemite, and King’s. Fifteen years later and the basic ingredients haven’t changed, just the stakes.…

Bergmans Typewriter

Ray Bergman’s Typewriter – Take inspiration where you find it

Stiff keys moved toward the carriage like an old man lifting his arthritic knees up a flight of stairs. They rose once, twice and, with effort, three times. A weathered and worn ribbon, now more leather than cloth, slowly began to cough up faint traces of ink with each succeeding stroke. And with each erratic…

Winter Steelheading: Go now before it’s too late

An excerpt from the winter/spring issue—on shelves now. April rains are metaphysical fertilizers that pollinate your inner wuss, thus giving life to an emotional suckathon. This can threaten to close down winter steelhead season. Yet, despite few fresh upriver fish, with even fewer windows of fishable conditions, and with wet campfires that seldom aspire to…