Drake Magazine Back Issues 2013

Drake Magazine Back Issue Content: 2013

Summer – The Skeena Significance, Lightning Rod Rivers, The Promised Land, Hyrids: A Dozen New Fish Species, Clyde Goes Camping, Searching for Snook, Riverside Music

Winter – Pride of the Quinault, The Lagoon Factor, Good Times in Terrace, One brown, one red, one brook, Feeling salty, Drake editors remap Michigan… and fail, Groundhog Day for Salmon, Magnuson-Stevens Act in action, your new 2014 fishing license, Clyde’s sleepover with Puget Sound silvers, and a New York apparel company takes fishing to the streets. Road-tripping to Arkansas’ White River

Fall – Triple Threat, The Homestead, (Still) Steelhead Paradise, Page Six Chix, Put-in, Rises, Scuddlebutt, Idylwilde’s Wild Ride, Carping Montana´s Holter Reservoir, Tippets, (Still) Steelhead Paradise, Redspread, Passport, Chasing love in Eleuthera, chasing trout in the U.P., chasing stripers in NYC, and chasing bass in Florida. Also: loving jetties and sandwiches, but hating muskies (sorta). The Catch, Bugs, City Limits, Rod Holders, The Fish Counters, Backcountry, Permit Page

Spring – New Water, Return of the Clark Fork, Ride with Clyde V, Fishing with Kids, Zero Dark Thirty, Extraction Blues, Third Time”‘”s the Charm, Aesthetics of Death, North Fork Blues, Bones on Top, Dick McGuire, Boulder Boat Works, True Colors, Adam DeBruin, Get Ready to Rumble, Injustice, Buying the Farm, The Way of the Spey

Re-Moved to Alaska

What’s happening to my state? ABOARD THE MV MATANUSKA, on a 1,000-mile journey up the rainforest coast from Washington, a cross section of modern-day Alaska’s citizenry relaxed to a gentle January swell—old salts in halibut jackets bound for port towns; rotund men goat-t’d up, ball caps blazing with logos of off-road-vehicle brands; young hippies, all…