Drake Magazine Back Issues 2012

Drake Magazine Back Issues 2012

Drake Magazine Back Issue Content: 2012

Summer – Nine Two-Weight Rods, Seven Canned Beers, Four Salmonfly Solutions, Carp in Wisconsin, Bluegill in Ohio, Steelhead in Washington, Redfish in Louisiana, Pink Alberts in Idaho, Bonefish in the Bahamas, Cutthroats in Wyoming, Rainbows in New Mexico, Musician Greg Brown, A Brief History of Flats Boats, How Bamaboo Rods are like Herpes.

Winter – Take Me Back to the Heartland, High Water Smallies, The Tunnel, Crazy for Kunzha, Night Dancer, Two-Dollar Breakfast, Redspread: Texas Tails, Sasha and the Salmon, Finding Grace in the Rainforest, The Teachings of Tusheti, Mister Baetis, Orlando, Florida, Dan Rather Speaks, Accident in Bear Gulch, The Consulation Prize

Fall – Water, Florida Bay, and Bonefish, Deconstructing Dworshak, Seven fishing Presidents, Ride with Clyde Part III: Taking on the Oregon Trail, My Rod Collection, Put-In: Autumn Light Is…, Roadless Road Trips, No Pasa Nada, Defining Dude, Trading Up, Passport: Bahamas, Tailwater Weekend

Spring – Salmon and gangsters, Riding with Clyde, Alaska steelhead, Utah musky, North Carolina redfish, Idaho bull trout, Bhutan brown trout, drakes on the Henry’s Fork, vampires on the Hoh, Punta Allen permit, Grand Rapids kings, striper candy, flyfishing photographers, flyfishing limericks, and why Bob White still paints

Drake Magazine Roadless Wyoming

Photo by Kat Yarbrough

Roadless Road Trips—Wyoming

The wind blows in Wyoming. So much so that over much of its southern acreage, trees live in a constant state of sideways, bowing to the prevailing forces. Tumbleweed bounces through prairie sagebrush. The earth’s guts, buttes, and sawtooth ridgelines live outside its skin—exposed. There are rivers. And there are generally few roads and people…

Drake Magazine Colorado Roadless Fly Fishing

Drake Magazine Colorado Roadless Fly Fishing

Colorado Roadless

“Perhaps the rebuilding of body and spirit is the greatest service derivable from our forests, for of what worth are material things if we lose the character and quality of people that are the soul of America?” Arthur Carhart—widely regarded as a pioneer in wilderness protection—posed that question more than 90 years ago after a…

Drake Magazine Florida Bay

Drake Magazine Florida Bay

Water, Florida Bay, and Bonefish

The danger of development and “shifting baseline syndrome” When sight-fishing as a sport debuted in the Upper Keys and Florida Bay, boat-makers modified their hulls, fishing companies developed faster and lighter rods, and tackle shops sprouted up all over the islands. By the 1950s an entire industry was formed around a specific shallow-water grassland habitat…

Canned Beer: 7 Standouts

Way back in August of 2010, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the can—canned soup, canned beans, canned tuna. This summer, it’s about the beer. Once considered a sub-par compromise when bottles weren’t available, cans are quickly becoming the preferred vessel for many a craft beer-drinker, particularly flyfishers, rafters, and other marginally employed types. Cans…