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Drake Magazine Photo Contest
Drake Magazine Photo Contest


Tested on Animals

Closing Date:

June 30th, 2011

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Nautilus Reels

1st Place Prize:

FWx Reel (your choice of size)

Honorable Mentions:

Fish with Cojones T-Shirt


There are no rules, fool. But the good folks at Nautilus have provided select guidelines for those in pursuit of the prize.

  1. Each photo must be accompanied by a brief explanation. (For instance, in addition to seeing you suck eggs out of a spawn-laden trout, we want to know why… as well as tips on how.)
  2. It’s got to be f—king savage! (Pretty self-explanatory. Conjure up your inner Randy Macho Man and let loose the pile drivers.)
  3. Must have fly gear in the pic. (If it’s a competing brand, make sure it’s smashed. See Macho Man reference above for inspiration.)
  4. Produce a fish with a tumor that looks like balls… (and you just may win it all).
  5. Including your lady friend will either help/hinder a struggling pic/story. (Read: If she’s hot, go for it.)

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Nautilus Reel

Winner Gets:

FWx Reel

The FWX series replaces the FW series that has successfully satisfied fly fishers for the last 5 years. The FWX reels differ from the FW series in that they are almost a half ounce lighter due to their new spool design, making them the lightest machined aluminum disc drag fly reels in the market. Like the NVG reels, the FWX has a Giga arbor design that promotes faster line pick up and backing drying.

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Fish with Cojones Shirt

Honorable Mention Gets:

Fish with Cojones T-Shirt

Post your submissions in this forum thread (registration required). Each poster will be allowed up to 3 images per monthly contest. If more than three images are submitted, only the first three will be considered. More details can be found on the *Photo Contest Page*. Members submitting their photos need to verify that your email is correct in your profile. Winners will be emailed directly notifying of their winning entry. Each month’s winning member will have 14 days to reply to email notification with your reel size choice.

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