BOTE Boards works for conservation.Clean water powers paddling and flyfishing opportunities. It’s also essential for brewing awesome BEER. With that in mind, SUP manufacturer BOTE™ Boards and SweetWater Brewing Company have teamed to raise cash for Waterkeeper® Alliance—an organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and rights to clean waterways.


“Both of our industries, SUP and the beer community, depend on clean water. Throughout the country, several of our retailers’ sales have been adversely affected by the health of their local water systems,” said BOTE Boards Co-Founder, Corey Cooper. “Obviously standup paddling isn’t the only reason we need to protect our water systems, but it gives us a great platform to raise awareness and money for the cause. I couldn’t be happier for the direction of the partnership and look forward to helping the cause as much as possible.”

The two companies have worked closely with Waterkeeper® Alliance to create the exclusive, custom-designed standup paddle board. Ten percent from every board sold will go directly to Waterkeeper® Alliance to bolster efforts in the conservation of clean waterways.

Collabo clean-water boards can be purchased online or at a local BOTE Boards dealership.

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