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Before Chuck Ragan appeared in the 2018 F3T Film “Landsick,” he was a musician, a fishing guide, and a father. But before Ragan acheived any of these titles, he was a son. This episode of The DrakeCast is a celebration of fatherhood and the outdoors. Tune in as we follow Chuck Ragan’s rebellion against his father that eventually led to a deep relationship with music (Hot Water Music) and flyfishing (crflyfishing.com). 

This episode of the DrakeCast is made possible by the fine folks behind Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. If you’d like to fish the world, make sure to check in with them first. We also couldn’t do this without generous support from the American rodsmiths at Scott Fly Rods

Chuck Ragan was born to a evangelical ventriloquist mother and a PGA Pro golfer in the Deep South. When his teenage years rolled around, they hit with a vengence that eventually led to a stay at a longterm outpatient facility that Chuck credits with saving his life. From there, Chuck became deeply embedded within the punk rock scene, where he stayed for nearly two decades. These days you can find Ragan on the rivers surrounding Grass Valley, California which he now calls home with his wife and son. But this journey didn’t come without a few scars.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of David Ragan.

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