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This episode of the DrakeCast tracks the effects of several natural disasters that have struck the Eastern United States in the past few years. After starting with the Sevier Country Fire that ripped through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we move further south to North Carolina where we’ll hear how folks are faring after Hurricane Florence left its trail of destruction. Though this is a flyfishing podcast, we thinks its important to take a step back from time to time and hear how our small but tight-knit world of anglers is holding up.

This episode of the DrakeCast is made possible by our longtime sponsors Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and Scott Fly Rods. They’ve been with us since the beginning and we couldn’t do this without them. We’re also supported by Deli Fresh Design, an apparel company that creates fishing gear out of recycled materials. This week they’re offering a treat for listeners of this podcast. Visit their website, delifreshdesign.com and enter promo code DRAKE20 at checkout for 20% off all softgoods.

This episode is an amalgamation of two stories; an older tale that you may have already heard, and a newer narrative that is still developing. Both areas of the country covered in this episode could use your help. If you have a free weekend this fall/winter and a few dollars to spend, consider a visit to Gatlinburg, Tennessee or the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Below we’ve attached a few links to fishing-related activites available in each state.

Brian & Sarah of Outer Banks Fly Fishing Charters
Captain Joe Shute’s Cape Lookout Fly Shop and Fish Finder Charter Service
R&R Fly Fishing, Smoky Mountain Guide Service
Smoky Mountain Angler Fly Shop in Gatlinburg, TN


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