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Yuletide means Gift Guide, so without further ado welcome to The Drake’s Annual Holiday Shopper, 2014—a full assortment of staff-curated picks to wow the flyfisher in your family.


crazyshitBook: Crazy Sh*t Bamboo Fly-Rodders Say

You may not know the subtle differences between a Leonard, Jenkins, Sweetgrass, or Suzuki, but don’t you wonder what the ones who do say to each other? Now you can with this classic book. $15,

Go-4™ Jerky

GopherMade entirely from the pounded and drawn flesh of rapacious invasive rodents, this trail-worthy dried meat product “rivals squirrel” in taste and texture and doubles as a weight-loss product “mostly because it rivals squirrel.”  $15/6 oz. packet,


Tenkara® Knickers

Untangle your mind and open your wallets to the function and zen-comfort of Tenkara® Knickers. Woven on state-of-the-art spool-less mills, .5-layer Gore-Tex® knickers leak less and chafe a little. $250,


Assorted John Barr-Like Flies Tied by Guys Not Named John Barr

Not John BarrFeaturing: Jasper Flannigan’s “Whistling Meat”; Stephen Hill’s “Hump Luster”; and Gill Winslow’s “Copper Joey”.  $75,




Dog BrandonsGetaway: St. Brandon’s with “Dog”

Combine street smarts, romance, teamwork, and a philosophy of hope and second chance, while casting alongside reality TV sensation (and anti-sunscreen advocate), Duane “the Dog” Chapman. $15,000,


socks1 copyRecycled SockeyeSocks®

Spread joy to the flyfisher in your life with comfort meets salmon. SockeyeSocks® are warmer than wool, while natural oils grease wader internals for easy on/off applications. $38,

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