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Idylwilde Flies last week filed a lawsuit against Umpqua Feather Merchants—the company that recently purchased and started selling in-limbo Idylwilde product from production facilities in the Philippines.

Via its social media channels and blog, Idylwilde owner Zach Mertens announced that, “…Idylwilde legally filed for its right to claim the flies from Umpqua and Mirabel….” He also included a link to statements and case evidence filed by Idylwilde, et al., here.

In addition, plaintiffs Mr. Mertens and Idylwilde won a temporary restraining order (TRO) against defendants Umpqua, Mirabel, and Mirabel’s owner Bien Tan on Tuesday.

According to Oregon District Judge Hernandez:

“Having reviewed and considered Plaintiffs’ motion for temporary restraining order (dkt. #11) and supporting documents, I find that a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) is necessary to prevent the irreparable injury alleged in the Complaint and shown in the declarations supporting Plaintiffs’ motion. Pursuant to this TRO, Defendants are temporarily restrained from promoting, selling, transferring, or disposing of any flies related to this action.

Full details on the TRO, here.

“Idylwilde’s Wild Ride” first appeared in the fall issue of The Drake.


On Dec. 10 Judge Marco A. Hernandez ruled in Umpqua Feather Merchants’ and Mirabel’s (the fly factory) favor and denied the Motion for a Preliminary Injunction. At this time neither Umpqua nor Mirabel are restrained in any way from doing business or selling flies.

Injunction Idywilde Umpqua copy

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