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steel senateWell, well… it turns out steelhead hatchery supporters are highly organized, plenty loud, and politically savvy. That’s why the Wild Steelhead Coalition is asking all wild steelhead advocates to rally together and make moves toward tomorrow’s Washington State Senate Natural Resources & Parks Committee hearing.

The purpose of the hearing is to discuss the recent Puget Sound steelhead hatchery litigation and settlement between the Wild Fish Conservancy and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Called by the committee chair, Senator Kirk Pearson (R – Monroe), talks will include presentations from WDFW, WFC, Puget Sound Tribes, NOAA Fisheries, recreational fishers, and fishing businesses.

There are NO other invited speakers voicing support for wild steelhead. But there will be time for public input. So show up and speak up, or follow the link to send a message to senate.

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