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These days there’s a fly line for almost everything. The short list includes long bombers, quick loaders, trout tamers, bassblasters, tarpon winchers, and an ever expanding string of options designed to perform really well in a world of specifics. But if you’re looking for one line that does double duty in both hot and cold conditions—in front of a variety of fish—Colorado-based fly line company Monic has engineered an answer.

Monic Fly Fishing entered the fly line market in 1995 with the first clear, floating fly line. Its next generation of Poly Vinyl Chloride-free lines, designed by company founder and chemical engineer Bob Goodale, promise to not dissolve into mush on a Belizean flat or constrict into death coils during a wintry tailwater float.

How do they work? Most contemporary fly lines consist of a core and a PVC coating. That coating requires a plasticizer that allows the vinyl to flex. And that plasticizer is tailored for a specific temperature range. Monic lines, on the other hand, are made of polyethylene or polyester elastomers, which do not need plasticizers and are therefore unaffected by temperature swings.

According to the company, “Tapers have been designed so that anglers no longer need separate lines specific to different target species. The universal tapers combined with the all-weather coatings allow anglers to significantly simplify their gear and have a line that always performs beautifully.”

Monic lines are made in the USA.

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