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ThompsontroutIn Sept. 2013, along the east-side gateways into Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, the power of water pocketed a decisive win. Biblical floods that fall gutted highway corridors, uprooting families and demolishing infrastructure.

Trout in rivers such as the Thompson and St. Vrain didn’t stand a chance—other than pinning hopes to a river rehabilitation process that, according to a new article in the Coloradoan, has left large sections of river uninhabitable and rather hideous.

“While humans, cars and some homes have returned to the ravaged communities along U.S. highways 36 and 34, in some places fish and all that comes with them — trees, grass and good water quality — have not. In those canyons, the Big Thompson and St. Vrain rivers were reborn as irrigation ditches, with no way to sustain insects, fish or plants.”

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