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Every year, millions of Alaskan fish make their way back from the ocean to their natal streams. Hot on their tails are tens of thousands of anglers looking to capture that perfect obituary photo with the catch of a lifetime. This is the story of a couple guides who had the pleasure of taking those photos. 

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Here are a couple of highlights from the audio story.

“What do you want me to say? I got nothing but negativity right now. The fishing is tough. There is not a lot of water. There’s too much sunshine. There’s not enough fish, not enough room for them to move around even if there were. So things are pretty tough. But I’m looking forward to bait slapping. Really looking forward to that.” -Guide Tyler Steffens


“I guide because I enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoy it. I enjoy teaching peole how to fish. I like to think I educate people on fisheries and respecting the areas they’re at. And appreciating what they’re getting to do. Not because they can afford it, but because this stuff isn’t going to be here forever. I like working outside and watching people catch fish. Especially if they’re new and they hook a monster. You see that smile, they’re all stoked. That makes it worth while. Sure you get frustrated, you get pissed but it’s all fishing.” -Guide Tyler Steffens

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