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In 1998, we discovered Montana. Turns out, it had been there all along. Montana is where it all began, and also where it all nearly ended. It was summer, a high-water year, a year of thunderstorms and heat, a serious bluewing hatch, the year the river almost took us both. –Dave Zoby, taken from his Summer 2018 feature story “Eggs in Your Beer.”

Last week, in Episode #41 of The DrakeCast, we went through the contents of the Summer 2018 Issue of The Drake Magazine. But we ran a little short on time and weren’t able to fit in a reading by one of the contributing authors, Dave Zoby. In addition to teaching composition, Wyoming Literature, Poetry, and Creative Non-fiction at Casper College in Wyoming, Zoby has written for dozens of magazines.

Additionally, in April of this Year, Zoby released a collection of essays under the title, Fish Like You Mean It, which you can find here. Above, you can find an audio version of Dave Zoby reading his piece, “Eggs in My Beer,” about getting in over his head on Montana’s Bighorn River.

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