One is a ridiculed fish.
One is a ridiculed haircut.
We explain the difference.

A bottom-dwellin’, algae eatin’ junkfishWhat it isAn inexplicablly popular hairdo

Marine or freshwater, usually hiding from bigger, cooler fishHabitatHockey games, monster truck rallies, baitfishing seminars, snowmobile conventions, county fairgrounds, Anthrax concerts

Mullies, mountain mullet, pinkeyeAlso Known asMississippi Mudflap, Kentucky Waterfall, beaver paddle, soccer rocker, yep-nope, hockey hair, shlong (short-long), squirrel pelt, Canadian Passport

Tartar sauce, white wine, stewGoes Great WithLive bait, jet boats, acid wash cuttoffs, neon, restraining orders, catfishing, mustaches, Camaros

Dawn and dusk, just before stormsBest Times for ViewingWeekends, during morning bass fishing shows or Saturday evening WWF events

Seaweed, bottom mud, algae, whitefishFeeds onKFC, Copenhagen, Camel no-filters, PBR, whitefish
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