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This week’s episode of The DrakeCast aims at introducing our listeners to another great flyfishing podcast that has recently hit the airwaves. Jason Rolfe is a flyfishing guide for Emerald Water Anglers in Washington State. When he’s not on the water with clients, he’s sitting down with some of the most influential flyfishing writers to ask them about their life in the sport. Rolfe then presents these interviews in his new podcast, The Fly Tapes. This episode takes a few choice clips from Rolfe’s show and features Dylan Tomine reading some of his work.

Many thanks to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and Scott Fly Rods for their continued support of The DrakeCast.

A decade ago, when Jason Rolfe was in college studying creative writing, he loved to go down to the local cafe and listen to his contemporaries read their work. Feeling frustrated by the lack of creative outlet in his life, Rolfe set about to bring that setting he loved so much to the flyfishing community. “Writers on the Fly” was born. For the past three years, Rolfe has organized these events which feature some of the foremost flyfishing writers reading their work in front of a live audience.

The only problem was if you weren’t sitting in the crowd, there was no way to experience the author reading his or her work. Until now. Rolfe’s new podcast “The Fly Tapes” takes recordings of these live performances and makes them available to the masses. Rolfe then splices interviews with the authors between the live readings to get to the stories behind the stories.

Writers on the Fly is about to hit the road with shows in the following cities. Each show benefits a different local non-profit organization dedicated to conservation.

November 14 – Bend, OR benefitting The North Umpqua Foundation
November 15 – Portland, OR benefitting The Conservation Angler
November 16 – Seattle, WA benefitting YMCA BOLD/GOLD Program 
November 17 – Bellingham, WA benefitting North Sound Chapter of Trout Unlimited
November 18 – Vancouver, BC benefitting The Steelhead Society of British Columbia
If you are in the PNW, make sure to catch one of these shows. If you’re not fortunate enough to live in Cascadia, make sure to check out The Fly Tapes. For more information, watch out the video below.

Anatomy of a Fishing Story from Jason Rolfe on Vimeo.

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