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Dust off the Holgas, dump the hard drives, do your best Terry Richardson, and delivereth your mind-blowing fishing images for a chance to win swag. As 2013 comes to a close Trout’s Fly Fishing has teamed with The Drake and to run its year-end photo extravaganza.


What’s up for grabs? 1) A one-year subscription to The Drake Magazine. 2) A $100 gift certificate to Trouts or our Online Store. 3) A Trouts Signature Trucker Hat and Water Bottle. 4) An assortment of Drake flyfishing paraphernalia.


—Yep, we’re looking for big fish – but most importantly we’re looking for great photography and people having fun!

—Stick to fish porn, no one (except Tom and Geoff) wants to see you “gripping and grinning” with your aunt Bethel

—It doesn’t need to be a trout – it can be a bass, a carp, a permit, northern pike, wiper, tarpon, blue gill, bonefish, dorado, jack, etc… or just someone fishing or hanging out…

—The fish/image has to have been caught/taken in 2013 (we’re counting on your honesty here)
the photo can have been taken anywhere in the world
maximum one (1) photo entry per person (give us your best!)

—We see a ton of “grip-and-grin” photos so creative shots are going to score points – improper fish handling shots most likely will not make the cut. If you want to read a great post on how to safely handle fish when you are taking images of them AND get better shots, CLICK HERE.

—Images will be judged by our readers and followers and votes will be counted on our blog (only one vote per person please!)

Send your best fly-fishing photo (one image only per contestant) taken in 2013 to will@troutsflyfishing. We’ll put a blog post up in mid-December with the best-of-the-best and then let you vote for your favorite image. The photo with the most votes on January 3rd will be declared the winner (to be announced on Jan. 10). Note: Winning submissions will also be featured on

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