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For those of you who tuned in to Episode #45, you’ll know that we travelled down to East End Lodge in Grand Bahama to chase after the ghost of the flats with Captain Cecil Leathan and Bjorn Stromsness. This episode continues that journey but stops along the way to take a look at the darker side of flats fishing.

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During our time in the Bahamas, we fished every imaginable environmentt, encountered a ton of cool bycatch species, and only managed to get rained on once. While down there, just about everyone we talked to credited the quality of this fishery to one major factor: The habitat. Justin Lewis, the Bahamas Initiative Manager for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust claimed that, “The Bahamas probably has best untouched bonefish habitat in the northern hemisphere and probably in the world. [This is thanks to] the amount of mangroves, the pristine flats, and, for most part, it’s all untouched.” But even in paradise, there are darker secrets holding below the surface. Make sure to listen to find out.

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