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Not a Steelhead. Photo by Israel Patterson

Drake Cast #55 Untouched Nature – Steelhead Ch. 2

It’s been a while, but The Drakecast is back by popular demand, at least for a little bit. We’ve got six episodes slated for release between now and the end of 2021.The first of these episodes (which also happens to be the second of the Steelhead Miniseries) is a story of the fine line between exploration and exploitation.

WMY9P7 Aerial view from U.S. Coast Guard helicopter supporting search and rescue and humanitarian aid efforts in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. (9-4-19)

The DrakeCast Episode #53 – Dorian’s Wake

Just a week ago, Hurricane Dorian carved a scar into the soul of the Bahamas. In this episode we profile a lifelong Bahamian guide, talk to a lodge owner about the current state of the island, and learn how you can help those affected by the storm from the seat of your fly-tying station or…

Drake Magazine Howling Brothers Monkeys Fly Fishing Podcast

Drake Magazine Howling Brothers Monkeys Fly Fishing Podcast

The DrakeCast Episode #50 – Mules, Music & Monkeys: The Howler Brothers History

After a brief hiatus, The DrakeCast is back. This episode aims to answer one question: How did a band of fishing and surfing bums living in Virginia create an iconic Texan brand? To help tell this story we’ll be assisted by musican and Howler Brothers cofounder, Andy Stepanian. Along the way, we’ll also get to…


The DrakeCast Episode #48 – Beyond the Fishing: Fires & Hurricanes

This episode of the DrakeCast tracks the effects of several natural disasters that have struck the Eastern United States in the past few years. After starting with the Sevier Country Fire that ripped through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we move further south to North Carolina where we’ll hear how folks are faring after Hurricane…