DrakeCast Fly Fishing PodcastThe DrakeCast Fishing North Georgia Brook Trout Zach Matthews

In this episode of The DrakeCast we traverse the mountains of North Georgia in search of the southern-most population of wild, native brook trout in the world. But while we’re at it, we’ll also take a trip to another fishery just down the road that claims a host world class trout. However, there is a big difference between these two places and the fish they hold. By the end of this episode, you’ll have to decide what you consider to be a trophy fish. 

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“They are trophies if you understand the context. This is the absolute edge of their habitat. The fact that you have a native trout in Georgia is still amazing. This fish has been here since the last ice age.” -Zach Matthews

The DrakeCast Fishing North Georgia Brook Trout Zach Matthews

“I would encourage people that want to have resources like this to do their research. Find this stream came from research with biologists twelve years ago. But I will tell you that things like this exist in every state. There is bound to be somewhere in your state that has a native species worth having, whether that be a red eye bass, it might be a sauger, a gar, even a redhorse sucker. If you will take the time to figure that place out and throw away other peoples’ ideas of what is valuable, you will have something that other people won’t mess with that will be a pleasure to you for your whole lifetime. What’s not to like about that?”-Zach Matthews


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