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TaggedBonefish and Tarpon Trust launched two angler-driven programs this week aimed at gathering intel on bonefish and tarpon genetics. The org will use tissue samples collected by guides (and the rest of us) on fishing missions in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and southeastern US.

“The goal of the Bonefish Genetics Program is to determine the extent that bonefish populations in different locations in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic are related. The goal of the Tarpon Genetics Program is to determine if there is a single, regional tarpon population or multiple sub-populations. We are especially interested in tarpon DNA samples that come from outside the state of Florida, but all samples will be helpful.”

Data collected will help BTT guide management strategies. To obtain a bonefish genetics or tarpon genetics sampling kit, email info@bonefishtarpontrust.org or call 321-674-7758.

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