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PicketingOn April 11, the Native Fish Society (NFS), wild fish advocates, and financial donors will band together under the big top at Montgomery Park in Portland, OR, for what’s being billed as the “largest wild fish fundraiser/party in the universe.”

In the other corner, Greg Osburn, of the Sandy-based Three Rivers Sportsman’s Alliance, plans to rain on that parade with pickets and a dubious plot to hoard valuable parking space in and around the event.

The beef stems from the recent lawsuit filed by the NFS and the McKenzie Fly Fishers to block the release of hatchery fish from the Sandy River Hatchery. Osburn and his “web guy” say they’ll line up about a hundred protestors.

“We’re not going to shut it down. We’re not going to break any laws,” he adds. “We’re not going to block streets, and we’re not going to block the entrance. But the people who go into the venue are certainly going to be educated.”

Prepare to be edumacated.

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