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Episode #6 of The Drake‘s new flyfishing podcast takes a darker turn. We stumble around a mosquito-filled farm field in search of bugs, beers, and big browns. We find most of them. And just a heads up, this episode contains some language that may not be suitable for all audiences. If you’re listening with kids, feel free to crank the volume and expose them to the real world.

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Black Earth Angling Company

A few years ago, I spent a summer working as a manual laborer just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. After long days of painting houses or moving wood chips I’d hop in my van and make the 25 minute drive to Black Earth Creek. It’s just outside of town and holds trout. But I never really hooked into anything of size down there. But earlier this summer I went back to Wisconsin and figured I should probably try to catch some fish while I was back home. This time, At night.

Fishing spring creek wisconsin drakecast

To better my chances of hooking into something other than just a couple logjams, I asked guide Kyle Zemple of Black Earth Angling Company if he’d be willing to join me. In the spring, Kyle guides for trout in the driftless, and then in the summer you’ll find him motoring a jet boat on the lower Wisconsin River where he puts clients on lots of smallies. And, for the the whole year round, he lives just a couple miles from Black Earth Creek, so he knows the stream pretty darn well.

Mouse flies the drakecast wisconsin

I met Kyle at his place on a warm summer evening just before the solstice. Kyle had assembled a posse of good ol’ boys who lived in the area. We had one goal – convince a big trout to come to the surface with a tantalizing mouse pattern. When we got to the stream, we didn’t necessarily find what we were looking for, but it was still one heck of a night. Make sure to listen to the episode to hear the full story.

Huge shout out to Kyle Zemple, The Pavlovich brothers, and salmobyfly for the great time on the water and the photos. And to Dr. Diana for his wisdom.

Brown Trout at Night

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