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be steelheadedFrom annual angler migrations to electrifying interruptions in the swing-step-swing dance, a world without wild steelhead would be a soulless expanse. That’s why this month Trout Unlimited is launching its Wild Steelhead Initiative, with the goal to protect and restore an iconic species and the fishing opportunities provided throughout its native range.

“The heart of the Initiative will be a new community, Wild Steelheaders United, which is being established to inform, organize and activate anglers (regardless of preferred gear type) — and anyone who cares about these incredible fish — to protect and recover wild steelhead. In short, Wild Steelheaders United is a home to anyone who believes in the common quest to protect these fish and the incredible fishing opportunities they provide.”

The Initiative focuses on river systems that have high potential to support robust, fishable wild steelhead populations. Expect a heavy emphasis on angler education and the implementation of effective management strategies aimed at habitat protection/restoration, hydro, hatcheries, and harvest. The kick-off is scheduled for Nov. 20.

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