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3D1When Michael Hackney set out to build the world’s first biodegradable plastic 3D-printed fly reel his simple criteria included a low parts count, a click check, clean aesthetics, and it had to catch fish. Two years later, Version 5 designs not only look the part but have all the basic attributes—from foot to spindle to ported frame—of a fully functioning reel.

(Athough tarpon, trevally, steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and a few others may beg to differ.)


“In his new version, the reel has a click check and improved foot compatible with seat hardware and attached to the frame. It also looks better. Hackney discovered that printing on plain printer paper left a matte finish. (He also experimented with PEI, a new print surface, that leaves a glossy matte finish as well.) He made the reel’s internal fill pattern design exposed to incorporate it into the design, and he reports much experimentation was required to print strong parts with exposed infill.”

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