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Kaieteur Falls is a superlative 800-foot single-drop waterfall located in the heart of Guyana’s Kaieteur National Park. And although the falls are heavily photographed by gapers from around the globe, the area is also home to another famous inhabitant that is equally quirky, cool. The non-poisonous Golden Frog (Anomaloglossus beebei) is endemic to a 600-hectare microregion that encircles all that crashing water. But they’re more difficult to eyeball, for one, because they’re about the size of a Peanut M&M, and for two, because their population is tanking due to habitat threats.

Austin, Texas-based apparel brand Howler Bros. recently teamed with Indifly to help shine a spotlight on the little guys and their plight. Proceeds from the Golden Frog-centric shirts and hats also help support Indifly in its mission to protect fisheries and provide sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples.

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