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In early May, we headed south to the Florida Keys to grab Clyde and deliver him north. But while we were down there, we figured we better get into some tarpon. But we weren’t just there to jump of even catch a tarpon. It’s what we were going to do after landing the fish that really matters, and will have a long-lasting impact on what we know about these oversized minnows.

Many thanks to Scott Fly Rods, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, and The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Maine Wildnerness Lodges for their support. We couldn’t do this without them. So if you enjoy the podcast; buy a rod or book a trip. Why not both? 

In addition to searching for tarpon in this episode, we also sit down with Jim McDuffie, the president and CEO of The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to discuss the history of the organization and the goals of their current tarpon tagging project. We’re also graced with the presence of Dr. Andy Danylchuk, one of the leaders of this study. He fills us in on his history and what we already know, but more importantly, what we don’t know about tarpon and their life cycles. The photo below is of a tarpon tagged by BTT just before it heads back to the ocean to help us learn about the species as a whole (photo by Aaron Adams).


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