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Episode #3 of The DrakeCast follows guide Donnie Richards down Michigan’s Pere Marquette River. Along the way, we learn the history of the river, challenge a Michigan DNR fisheries biologist, and discover what makes the Pere Marquette River great.

Listen to the audio:
Earlier this year, I made my way to the left side of the Michigan mitten to a get together with a couple friends of friends. They had invited me to float the famed Pere Marquette River in Donnie Richard’s driftboat. Donnie works as a guide for The Old Au Sable Fly Shop in Grayling, Michigan, but in the summers, you’ll find him on the Pere Marquette River chasing Great Lakes steelhead.
There’s a lot of debate about whether or not rainbows that run to the Great Lakes are even technically steelhead, but we’re not going to get into that. I was there to see somebody swing up a slab of Lake Michigan chrome. At the very least, I’d get to float down a beautiful river and drifk a few beers. Neither the Pere Marquette nor Donnie Richards let me down.
Thanks to our friends at Scott Fly Rods and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures for their continued support.

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Donnie Richards Pere Marquette Steelhead

                                                              DONNIE’S ELEVENTH HOUR PM PRIZE

Donnie Richards Pere Marquette Fishing

                                                                                   CELEBRATORY SMOKES

Special thanks to Preston Marson and Brian Weir for their hospitality.

Donnie Richards at the Old Au Sable Fly Shop is the man and knows the PM as well as anyone. If you’re looking for steelhead on the Pere Marquette or trout on the Au Sable or Upper Manistee, look him up.

Cheers to Mark Tonello and all the work he does for Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources.

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