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Guide Pointer Booking and Reservation Software

Mike Dawes has a fishing problem. He’s been wading saltwater flats since the impressionable age of seven. He’s a veteran player on the permit tourney circuit. He’s even starred in couple of film tour flicks. But perhaps the biggest struggle he’s had to overcome in his flyfishing career didn’t involve a dour fish or a fouled Merkin. Instead, Dawes has long been battling ways to make operations smoother for a flyshop that during peak season (aka now) employs dozens of guides on a daily basis. His solution? Better software.

“We’ve been testing and honing our Guide Pointer booking system for the past 15 years,” says Dawes who, when he’s off the water, serves as president of Jackson, Wyoming-based WorldCast Anglers.

“Over the last decade, industry leading outfitters from across the country have successfully ran more than 50,000 trips through the system.”

In short, Guide Pointer is a digitally integrated booking tool, with a feature-rich easy-to-navigate interface. For outfitters, that means having the ability to customize the reservation management processes, while tapping into a digital platform that improves communications between management, staff, and clients. Guides, on the other hand, can log into the program and review and request assignments, submit pay sheets, and post messages.

John Arnold of Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, Montana was an early adopter. He says,”Guide Pointer has been an integral part of our business since the day we opened the doors. The team at Guide Pointer understands the outfitting business and are constantly adding features and flexibility that help us operate more efficiently.”

Co-developer Corey Kruitbosch, of i9 studios, says his goal with Guide Pointer has been to create a modern look and feel that enhances functionality for flyfishing outfitters requiring a tailored, fully trackable user experience. “It fits the fishing industry perfectly, because it was specifically created for it—not adapted from somewhere else.”

Current launch updates include an advanced “Destinations Module” for managing hosted trips and travel, which lets outfitters store client information, track finances, and make minute details—such as room assignments or pairing guests with specific guides—more manageable.

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