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ColoradoFloatPeople have been running the Colorado River since John Wesley Powell and his ragtag squad of drifters commenced their storied journey into an unmapped Grand Canyon during the spring of 1869. Since then, the river has been tackled in everything from motorized rafts and jet sleds to wooden dories. It’s been conquered in mere days during biblical flood levels. And it’s been savored slowly, with some groups logging more than 100 languid days from start to finish.

But up until now the Colorado has never been attempted from the comforts of home. That’s about to change. Thanks to a collaboration between American Rivers and Google Maps the river has become the focus of a Street View project and is available 24/7 to arm-chair enthusiasts bedecked in PJs, with a latte in hand.

“For the first time, you can explore 286 miles of the Colorado river and the iconic Grand Canyon in full 360-degree photo spheres. Cool trivia—this marks the first time Google Maps has used the Street View technology on a major whitewater river in the U.S.”

Just be sure to pause and save your Minecraft session before embarking.

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