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The chairman fixed a cold stare upon the accused as he continued farming accolades from the onlookers. “Tomorrow’s the grand finale and he’ll win it for sure unless you intervene.”

“Then he’ll win it for sure.”

“Why will he win it for sure?”

“Because I won’t intervene.”

“You won’t intervene?”

“Absolutely not. Intervention, in this case, will result in no gratuity; and since he’s the most arrogant swine I’ve ever guided, I simply cannot risk four days on the water with no gratuity.”

“No gratuity?”

“Not if I intervene.”

“Could you intervene after the tournament?”

“After the tournament?”

“After your gratuity.”

“After the tournament – – my gratuity – I’ll expose him for the cheating lout that he is.”

“No – no! You mustn’t expose him.”

“I mustn’t expose him?”

“No. You mustn’t expose him because I don’t tolerate cheating in my tournaments.”

The skiff guide pried off his sweaty cap, and rubbed the jar-lid creases on his alabaster forehead. “Then perhaps I can stomp his rod and shove him in the water for no apparent reason?”

“After the tournament?”

“After my gratuity.”

“Absolutely. After the tournament – – your gratuity – please intervene as you deem necessary; but don’t explain to him why you are intervening.”

“Because you don’t tolerate cheating in your tournaments?”

“That’s right. I do not tolerate cheating in my tournaments… and it’s been a darn grand tournament – don’t you think?”

– Tosh Brown is the author of Texas Tides – an exquisite collection of words and photos showcasing the delicate beauty of Lone Star State cast and blast.

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