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“It is on my boat.”

“Is it on your boat?”

“It’s all over my boat.”


“Yes, cheating.”

The chairman mopped his forehead, reached without looking for his drink, swigged from someone else’s, and then motioned the skiff guide away from the crowd and over to the crab tank where the gurgling aerator might temper their conversation.

He’s cheating very well. The fish he’s catching aren’t as long as he’s claiming.

“This is a serious accusation, and I’ll need the details.”

“You’ll need the details?”

“Yes, the details. How is he cheating?”

“He’s cheating very well. The bonefish he’s catching aren’t as long as he’s claiming.”

“How long are the one’s he’s claiming?”

“Substantially longer than the ones he’s catching.”

“But you’ve been witnessing the measurements, as required, so how are the fish he’s catching different from the ones he’s claiming?”

“Because he’s very fast.”

“He’s very fast at what?”

“He’s very fast at measuring, claiming, and cheating.”

“So he’s measuring, and claiming, and cheating without your witnessing?”

“That’s right, without my witnessing.”

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