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“Why aren’t you witnessing?”

“Because he’s very fast and bonefish are very slimy.”


“Very slimy.”

“What does slimy have to do with the cheater being fast?”

“It has nothing to with the cheater being fast, but it has everything to do with bonefish being fast.”

“And that’s why you haven’t been witnessing?”

“That’s right. Bonefish slime on a skiff deck is very dangerous, and after a fish is landed I always dab it up before I do anything else. While I’m dabbing he’s measuring.”

“Can you be faster at dabbing?”

“Not as fast as he is at measuring.”

The cheater was drifting through

the crowd shaking hands and proudly

re-counting the release of his fourth huge bonefish of the tournament.

“He’s been fly fishing professionally for thirty years and I simply do not tolerate cheating in my tournaments,” huffed the chairman as he nodded toward the cheater.

“Has he ever fished in your tournaments?” asked the skiff guide.

“Not in my tournaments, no.”

“Then how do you know you don’t tolerate cheating? You’ve never had one before.”

“A tournament?”

“No, a cheater.”

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