Alejandro Vega Cruz, better known as “Sandflea”, was introduced to the greater flyfishing community in Beattie Outdoor Productions’ film The Scorpion Expedition, which toured in 2013. Sandflea, based out of Isla Holbox, Mexico, helped organize the colorful mission that took a group of anglers to five remote atolls located due north of Progreso, in the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the flyfishing microcosm, Sandflea has left a big mark due to his big heart. Now that heart is in trouble.

In need of a new valve, Sandflea will be flown to the U.S. for a procedure in early June. Meantime, friends and family are trying to raise 100k to alleviate his costs for this major, potentially life-saving surgery.

“Sandflea’s sincerity, generosity and deep desire to be a kind and great human is profoundly pure. He has become an icon in the fishing industry, not through self promotion, but through goodwill and being a tremendous friend to anyone he encounters. He’s one of the finest anglers on the planet, a talent complimented by his larger than life, wonderful personality. The world has much to learn from him. And now it’s our turn to give back to this remarkable man,” says filmmaker RA Beattie.

“If you are in a position to make a donation, even a few dollars, we appreciate the support. All contributions will help. If you can’t donate, we understand, but please visit our social media page and pass it along to your friends and network. If you know Sandflea, post a story or wish him some encouraging words. That support is equally important.”

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