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michael_keaton_batmanKeaton Talks Conch Penis and Pirates on Letterman
Conch penis, anyone? And does Michael’s fishing buddy Tom Brokaw have a beef with Dave?
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David_BlaineDavid Blaine is Sharkbait
Magician David Blaine chartered a sailboat with menswear designer Adam Kimmel and marine photographer and filmmaker Bob Talbot to perform yet another feat of endurance, bravery, and, some might argue, complete insanity. The reason for the expedition was simple enough: Blaine was planning to swim in open water with roughly 20 great white sharks. He lowered himself into the water with no body armor—save for a tuxedo. As he descended beneath the surface, the sharks began to circle him. At one point he touched a passing fin; at another, he seemed to be smoking a cigar underwater while a great white inched behind him.
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Sacramento_RivSac Season: “Lacks Logic”
Last fall, the number of chinook salmon that returned to the Sacramento River was the lowest in history. Yet ocean fisherman have received the go-ahead to drop lines this spring and summer—in spite of bans the past two years and fish-tally estimates that critics say are impossible. For Mike Bogue, a river-fishing guide in Redding and former president of the NorCal Fishing Guides and Sportsmen’s Association, the decision lacks logic. He reminds that fishing is still bad and last year was the worst run ever. “I’m just not sure where those 245,000 fish they’ve predicted are going to come from,” Bogue said.
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