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I’m sick of waiting for Bie to make a new blog post. He’s been fighting that shark for like two months. So here’s a quick rundown since July, like Berman’s Fastest Three Minutes:

Here’s the campsite where summer really got rolling. This is back in July, at the Drake Bake just south of Bozeman, Montana, shortly after Nemo made his shark fishing post. This was my favorite trip of the summer because I didn’t have to do shit except lay in the dirt, swim in the Gallatin River, and eat hot dog chunks dropped by drunk Drakiens.


Here I am chillin’ next to the Gallatin. Good fishing was like 10 feet away and good sticks were everywhere. But I pretty much laid here all day. Just like this. It was awesome.

Here’s another picture of me at the Greek Creek Campground, where we all stayed. There’s really no reason to include this shot, other than it’s of me, and there’s no such thing as too much me. Note stoic guard-dog look. greek_creek.jpg


We stopped at the Bighorn on the way home from this trip, and this is a brown that Nemo allegedly caught. I say allegedly, because…


I was busy doing this:


Then we got back to Fort Collins and we got super into these guys for a few weeks:basspopper.jpg

and even a few of these:


Then Nemo left for a few days to go here:islamorada.jpg

And even though he sucked sufficiently enough to fail again at getting a big tarpon, he did manage to catch his first one of these on a fly rod, which I guess is pretty cool:


And that was pretty much it for awhile, because Nemo had the dumb print version of this thing to put together. But thank God for these:drake.jpg

And this:


and pretty soon, these:



Until then, may your frisbees fly far, and may there always be hotdogs on the floor.

Love, Trask

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