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Urban_FishingUrban Fishing on Rebounding Rivers
National Geographic—The flyfisher wading this clear-flowing river scene could evoke mental images of Montana. Except this isn’t. “Instead of pines and mountains, the backdrop is a busy high street, with red double-decker buses, betting shops, and kebab houses. This river, the Wandle, runs through the middle of London. A similar scene unfolds in central Stockholm. Outside the Swedish Royal Palace, an angler carrying his heavily bent rod weaves between tourists and waterside hot dog sellers.” This story is part of national Geographic’s special series exploring the global water crisis.
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Fish_MarketFish Market Buckles to Social Media Call
Seattle, WA—As reported on sites such as Moldy Chum, Pike’s Place Fish Market, in Seattle, WA, recently heeded the viral call of the masses, discontinuing its controversial carrying of wild Pacific Northwest steelhead. Pause for applause. “We’ve read your emails, we’ve taken in the conversations at the market, we’ve had sustainability representatives speak at our meetings, and we’ve asked the tough questions to our suppliers. Our commitment is to make a difference and we can do that on many fronts, the supply of our seafood being one.”
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teds-montana-grillSteakhouse CEO Rabid for Rivers
Best known for serving prime steaks, George McKerrow Jr., 59—the CEO of Ted’s Montana Grill—is described as an avid, even rabid, fisherman. “It was around 1990 that I learned to flyfish, which changed my fishing forever. It was in Aspen, and we were fishing for rainbow and brown trout. From that point forward I knew that flyfishing would become the ultimate fishing experience for me….”
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chinook-salmonFeds, PG&E Warned about Declining Salmon Runs
San Francisco—Conservation and fishing groups say that they have notified the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Pacific Gas & Electric Company that court action is planned unless steps are taken this summer to protect the threatened Central Valley spring-run Chinook salmon population that spawns in Butte Creek.
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