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Hey America, it’s me, Ricky Bobby. If you understand freedom and you understand liberty, then I’m about to blow your mind. Before I get too emotional, I just want to say all you Drake readers remind me of me, precocious and full of wonderment… and bursting with the balls to go fast and win. So starting on Sept. 14, I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and at Drakemag.com for an online scavenger hunt to win a new Orvis Helios2 Rod. Thank you, America. God bless Orvis fly rods… and Wonder Bread.

HOW IT WORKS: Look for 8 Drake-related clues updated on Drakemag.com and on Facebook. The first person to make right on all 8 receives the fame, glory, a 5-WT, tip-flex H2 rod, as well as our respect as the most well-versed Drakian on the river. We will also be giving away Annual Drake Subscriptions daily to 2 lucky souls who answer the daily question correctly.

A new question will be revealed daily on Drakemag.com & the Drake Facebook page.

Answer the questions correctly each day

The first person to submit all correct answers by Friday, Sept 21 wins the loot.

WHO: Everyone’s invited to the party

WHAT: Hunt for the new Orvis Helios2 9-foot, 5-WT, Tip-Flex Rod + 2 Annual Drake Subscriptions will be given away daily

WHEN: Sept 14 – Sept 21

WHERE: Drakemag.com; Drakemag/Facebook

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Tom Bie is the founder, editor, and publisher of The Drake. He started the magazine in 1998 as an annual newsprint publication based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He then moved it to Steamboat, Colorado (1999), Boulder, Colorado (2001), and San Clemente, California (2004), as he took jobs as managing editor at Paddler, Senior Editor at Skiing, and Editor-in-Chief at Powder, respectively. Tom and The Drake are now both based in Denver, Colorado, where The Drake is finally all grows up(Swingers, 1996) to a quarterly magazine.

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