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Casting-Advice-from-Torrie-3-11Tips: When the Wind Blows
Andros South OG guide Torrie Bevans enjoys long walks on the beach, especially his wicked Death March to inland tidal lagoons loaded with big bones. When the wind’s up, he offers pearls such as: “You want to be gentle with your female so be gentle with your rod… so then it’s easy… even when it’s breezy.” The Deneki crew compiles more solid fishing tips here.
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New Mexico Still Hates Kilmer
The Albuquerque Journal says that the San Miguel County Commission won’t allow Val Kilmer to open his ranch to paying guests. They are still mightily annoyed by derogatory comments attributed to him in 2003 in the Rolling Stone magazine, such as saying he lives in the “homicide capital of the south-west” and 80 per cent “of the people in my county are drunk.”Kilmer’s 6,000-acre spread, recently listed for $33 million, includes 7 miles of fishing access to the Pecos River in northern New Mexico.
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North_PlatteNorth Platte River Appeal
Wyoming—Continued public fishing access to a blue-ribbon stretch of the North Platte River rides on the outcome of a lawsuit that goes before the Wyoming Supreme Court this week. The court on Tuesday will hear arguments from private landowners appealing a district judge’s ruling last year that boaters, anglers and hunters may continue to access a 2-mile stretch of the river at the Lusby Public Fishing Area, about 20 miles southwest of Casper. The state will argue that the area should remain open. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Casper-area anglers say continued access to the Lusby area, which has been open to the public since the 1960s, is critical to public fishing and recreation in the area.
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Citizens Stomp for B.C. Wild Salmon
Vancouver—Nearly 1,000 people crowded Government Street on Saturday at the end of a 500-kilometre walk to protest fish farms, which participants blame for killing B.C.’s wild salmon. Surveying the crowd, the largest local rally yet in support of protecting wild salmon runs, biologist and activist Alexandra Morton said it’s proof the cause has turned mainstream. But the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association says there is no evidence sea lice are becoming resistant to controls and insists lice from farms aren’t to blame for declining wild salmon runs.
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