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In the Bayou—Without a Paddle
Capt. Gregg Arnold, who has spent many years guiding on the east side of the Mississippi, out in Breton Sound and the Chandeleur Islands, as that’s where many of the bigger redfish are found, had this to say about the situation: “It’s early May, so for now I can still fish in Louisiana, on the west side of the river, where I first started. But I see this only as a temporary fix. This disaster will impact the guides and all the areas along the Louisiana coast and the Gulf for a long time. It is going to put a lot of guys out of work. The oil will kill the plankton, the baitfish, shrimp, crabs. Then the game fish will leave. Where does that leave the Gulf guides? Out in the bayou without a paddle.”

NOAA Issues Fishing Moratorium in Spill Affected Areas
NEW ORLEANS — The government ordered a halt on Sunday to fishing in areas affected by the ever-spreading oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, a ban that covers waters from Louisiana to Florida and hinders the livelihoods of untold numbers of fishermen.

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“NOAA scientists are on the ground in the area of the oil spill taking water and seafood samples in an effort to ensure the safety of the seafood and fishing activities,” said Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA Administrator, who met with more than 100 fishermen in Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish on Friday night.  “I heard the concerns of the Plaquemines Parish fishermen as well other fishermen and state fishery managers about potential economic impacts of a closure. Balancing economic and health concerns, this order closes just those areas that are affected by oil. There should be no health risk in seafood currently in the marketplace.”
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Map of Emergency Rule Closure Boundary

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PrisonColorado Correctional Trout
BUENA VISTA — Inmates production of 65,000 rainbow trout annually has increased to 200,000 thanks to expansion and improved practices. Signed deal with Whole Foods markets in Colorado.
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