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UnaccomplishedThe old adage says that 10 percent of anglers catch 90 percent of the fish, which is often attributed to the reality that 90 percent of anglers are too lit to stand on two feet. Research tells us that the 10-percenters, on the other hand, all share some sobering traits such as an affinity for cats, merino turtlenecks, Euro disco… and other more service-y truths recently distilled over at deneki.com.

You 90-percenters can check out Kirk Werner’s counterpoint—also at Deneki—in the “13 Habits of Unaccomplished Anglers”. Here’s a taste:

1) Count your knots. During the course of a day your leader/tippet will amass a considerable number of “wind knots.” First of all it’s important to note one thing: There are critics who will refer to these as “casting knots” in an attempt to place blame not on the wind, but on the caster. Poppy-cock, I say. When the Unaccomplished Angler goes a-fishin’ the wind will blow. There will result multiple wind knots. Count them. There’ll be more knots than fish. At the end of the day the angler with the most wind knots wins.

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