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Rio ColoradoThe Colorado River isn’t our biggest, but it’s one of the hardest working in the country. It flows more than 1,400 miles. Through seven states. And its dammed, diverted, and heavily siphoned flows sustain tens of millions of people, as well as fish and wildlife. It’s also in a world of hurt. As of this week the mighty Colorado was given the rough ranking of America’s Most Endangered River, determined by the conservation group American Rivers.

“The river at the top of the 2013 list, announced today, is the Colorado River – a river that is so dammed, diverted, and drained that it dries to a trickle before reaching the sea.

“Flowing for more than 1,400 miles across seven states, the Colorado River is truly a lifeline in the desert. But over-allocation and drought have placed significant stress on water supplies, river health, and fish and wildlife. To underscore the immediacy of the problem, the basin is facing another drought this summer. The Bureau of Reclamation’s report released in December stresses that there is not enough water to meet current demands across the basin, let alone support future demand increases.”

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