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Oil_GulfGulf Update Grim
New Orleans—In its 24 days BP’s mistake has poured about 5.1 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico 50 miles south of the Mississippi River delta at the rate of 210,000 gallons per day. The company is drilling a relief well it hopes will make contact with the existing well in two to 2 1/2 months, meanwhile trying—and failing—to use different ideas to stop the flow at the surface break.
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kenai-riverGuide Chooses AK over Teeth Drilling
When Tom Belknap was growing up, two things ruled his life: a love of fishing and an expectation that he’d grow up to become a dentist in the Spokane Valley, just like his dad and his uncle. He went from Gonzaga Prep to Carroll University in Wisconsin, and all was going well for nine semesters—until he got a job in Alaska.”My first year in Alaska was 2006, and I knew on the spot that was what I wanted to do,” said Belknap, sitting in the kitchen of his parents’ home in Greenacres. Belknap had gotten a gig as a fishing guide on the Kenai River, and there was just no turning back to drilling in people’s teeth.
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Dolphins-studyDolphins Lack Capacity To Mock Celebrity Culture
The Onion—According to a paper published last week in the journal Science, when presented with photos of music, TV, and film personalities, dolphins failed on every occasion to mock the well-known public figures, missing countless opportunities to take mean-spirited potshots at their hair, past romantic partners, or breast implants.
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